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    1. Who was Kosciuszko*
    2. Kosciuszko Mount & Mound
      1. What is Kosciuszko Mound
      2. Mt Kosciuszko paintings in the Art Gallery
        + 2016 Social Landscape - Belinda Street
      3. Kosciuszko, The Australia's Crown - Poem
      4. Mound and Mount Kosciuszko Festival / Polish version
      5. The Massif that is Kosciusko
      6. High and mighty - Walks in Kosciuszko Nat. P.
      7. Mount Kosciuszko - Its Discovery Recalled
    3. On this day: Mt Kosciuszko put on the map **
    4. The controversy around the name of Mt Kosciuszko
      1. Historic name change /
        Mountain of work if „z” goes back in „Kosciusko” + pronunciation Kosciuszko
      2. Kossie with a »z« *
      3. To discussion about Name
      4. Mt Kosciuszko - Our Highest Mountain **
      5. Among free people: Tadeusz Kosciuszko and Paul Strzelecki
      6. Letters by Andrews in the KHA Newsletter
      7. Strzelecki's Kosciusko by E. Axford
    5. A Tale of Two Mountains**
    6. Strzelecki's ascent of Mount Kosciusko** + Foreword to Strzelecki's ascent …
    7. An opinion poll about the name Mt Kosciuszko **
    8. Managing the Kosciuszko alpine area - 2002 (- excerpt) **
    9. Park Management Plan - 2008
      1. Submission by the Polish Historical Institute
      2. Submission P.C.C.& NZ
      3. Submission from Brisbane
      4. Our own Submission
      5. Submission by Dr Anna Habryn President Mt Kosciuszko Inc.
      6. Other Submission to Department of Enviroment and Conservation

  2. ABOUT PAUL EDMUND STRZELECKI - pronunciation - click 
    1. His life's chronology / Polish version**
    2. About His Social Background…
      1. Complete biography Paul Edmund de Strzelecki by Lech Paszkowski
        + download the full biography with detailed footnotes by the same author
      2. Extracts from the book „Social Background of Sir Paul Strzelecki… ” **
      3. Count de Strzelecki's will…
      4. A summary of the life - Sir Paul Edmund de Strzelecki
      5. Strzelecki achievements revealed - Launceston Hist. Soc.
      6. Strzelecki Knew The Hunter
    3. People about Strzelecki / Polish version
    4. Heroes of the Great Irish Famine
      1. An Irish-Polish Exhibition in Dublin
      2. Commemorative plaque in Clifden + photo gallery / Polish version
      3. Saving the Irish Poor: Charity and the Great Famine
      4. Commemorative plaque unveiled in Dublin + photo gallery ** / Polish version
        English version 45 minute Australian connected radio documentary
      5. Pole Star – An Irishman’s Diary…
      6. Heroes of the Great Irish Famine: Paul Edmund Strzelecki **
      7. An Irish song by Cliff Wedgbury in tribute to P. E. Strzelecki - listen mp3
    5. Missing explorer… located in Poznań
    6. Poems about P. E. Strzelecki
      1. Strzelecki - Portraits & Essay
        1. Portraits P. E. Strzelecki at the National Gallery - Canberra / Polish version
        2. Mount Kosciusko - essay
      2. Who were you Adyna ?
      3. A ballad about…
      4. Lease those wings ?
      5. Hi, Australian…
      6. Strzelecki Creek
      7. Strzelecki / Kosciuszko
    7. Maps of his expeditions / Polish version
    8. Distortion of the History - „In a Dark Glass”
      1. „In a Dark Glass” - „A Wrong Mirror”
      2. Rewiev by Prof. Jerzy Zubrzycki…
      3. Helen Heney's - „In a Dark Glass”
      4. A Darkened view
      5. Controversy over Strzelecki
    9. Bibliography / Polish version

    1. P. E. Strzelecki wrote *
    2. Count P. E. Strzelecki - the enigmatic early explorer
      1. P. E. Strzelecki’s geological map - by Dr David F. Branagan
      2. Strzelecki achievements revealed - Launceston Historical Society
      3. Count Strzelecki - the enigmatic early explorer
      4. P. E. Strzelecki the first who found gold… by Professor Sir Ernest Scott **
      5. Short history - Strzelecki finds gold among the mountains by Professor Sir Ernest Scott
    3. Unnecessary myths… / Polish version
    4. Hic et ubique - Excerpt from the diary by Sir William Fraser
    5. Count Strzelecki - A Magic Name In Gippsland
    6. Strzelecki in Nancy Cato’s famous novel / Polish version
    7. A giant among mediocrities
    8. Strzelecki, Sir Paul Edmund de (1797–1873)

    1. Strzelecki's - monuments & plaques
      1. Boolarra Historical Society - plaque about Strzelecki + photo gallery / Polish version
      2. Yinnar South - unknown memmorial plaque + photo gallery / Polish version
      3. The Sir Paul Edmund Strzelecki Monument in Jindabyne
      4. The Strzelecki Gippsland monuments - photo gallery / Polish version
      5. Count Paul Strzelecki monument near Traralgon
      6. Plaque in Mount Fatigue ** + photo gallery / Polish version
    2. The Grand Strzelecki Track
    3. The Strzeleckis - a new future for Heartbreak Hills
    4. Flinders Island - Tasmania** + two photo galleries / Polish version
    5. P. E. Strzelecki's visit to Hawaii
      1. Strzelecki's visit to Hawaii **
      2. Report P. E. Strzelecki about the crater of Kīlauea-letter to Rev. J. Diell of Honolulu
    6. Another green world - Tarra-Bulga NP / Polish version
    7. The Railways - The Strzelecki Line

  5. WHO WE ARE… that is of who we are
    1. Our objectives **
    2. Sympathisers list
    3. Our special thanks goes to…
    4. List of links to the websites of our
    5. Contact Us **

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    1. The first Meteorological Observatory on Mt Kosciuszko
    2. The Cartography of Mount Kosciuszko
    3. Strzelecki's Ascent of Mount Kosciusko and Journey through Gippsland
    4. Extracts from P. E. Strzelecki book „Physical Description of New South Wales…”
    5. L. Paszkowski - extracts from book „Sir Paul Edmund Strzelecki”
    6. Articles from „Port Phillip Herald”
    7. James Riley: a letter about expedition

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