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P. E. de Strzelecki: Physical Description of New South Wales and van Diemen's Land: Accompanied by a Geological Map, Sections and Diagrams.
London – 1845 - facsimile edition - Adelaide - 1967

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W. L. Havard: Sir Paul Edmund de Strzelecki. Journal of The Royal Australian Historical Society - Sydney - 1941, vol.26, part 1, pages 20-96

The Rt. Hon. S. M. Bruce: Life of Sir Paul Edmund Strzelecki; Polish scientist, explorer and philanthropist 1796 - 1873 with foreword by Bruce S. M., introduction by Shane Leslie.
The Strzelecki Committee - London 1943

G. Rawson: The Count. A Life of Sir Paul Edmund Strzelecki KCMG, Explorer and Scientist. - Melbourne - 1953

Nancy Cato: North-West by South. London - 1965 / London - 1980 II edition

P. McGuire: Strzelecki - Explorer and Scientist. Hemisphere, Canberra - 1980 vol.25, No.1, pp 15-20

L. Paszkowski: Social Background of Sir Paul Edmund Strzelecki and Joseph Conrad. - Melbourne - 1980

M. Kaluski: Sir Paul E. Strzelecki: A Polish Count's Explorations in 19th Century Australia. - Melbourne - 1985

Sussex, Roland and Zubrzycki, Jerzy (eds): Polish People and Culture in Australia Lech Paszkowski chapter 2 „Sir Paul Strzelecki and His Achievements ”
- Canberra - 1985

L. Paszkowski: Poles in Australia and Oceania 1790 - 1940 - Sydney - 1987

A. Andrews: Kosciusko: The Mountain in History. - Canberra - 1991

L. Paszkowski: Sir Paul Edmund de Strzelecki.- Melbourne - 1997
(contains comprehensive bibliography)

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References to article: „Heroes of the Great Irish Famine: Paul Edmund Strzelecki”

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