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P. E. Strzelecki - maps of his expeditions
in Australia

maps of his expeditions 246

Paul E. de Strzelecki setting off from Liverpool in 1834 could have guessed that a route of his 9-year research trip would take place on such a large area of our Earth.

Below you can see maps places where I visited Strzelecki traveling around the world, and maps of expeditions that took place while in years 1839 - 1843 in Australia.

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A general map _of expeditions_
Strzelecki in Australia
Expeditions in Australia
Western Expeditions The _Western Expeditions_
August 1839 - November 1839
(in the square - place the discovery of gold)
The _Southern Expeditions_
December 1839 - May 1840
Southern Expeditions
Tasmanian Expeditions The _Tasmanian Expeditions_
July 1840 - February 1842
The _Northern Expeditions_
October 1842 - April 1843
Northern Expeditions
World Route Strzelecki's _World Route_