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Quo Vadis Count? … Paul Edmund Strzelecki's Illawarra Maps & Fossils.

Michael Keith Organ _home page_

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Our main goal is to bring people for exploration of the Strzelecki's Track in the Snowy Mountains in Australia, the way Strzelecki climbed in 1840 to discover and name the highest mountain in Australia - Mount Kosciuszko.
_Strzelecki Hiking Club_ in facebook.


Represent the Polish community in Australia, promote Polish language, traditions and culture in Australia, to raise awareness of Poland, its culture, history and current position by promoting Polish literature, music & all forms of the arts.
_Polish Community Council_  in Australia.


The Council of Polish Organisations in the ACT with its diverse membership co-ordinates a variety of community activities. This is achieved by cooperating with all its Polish and Australian members and a wide range of Australian organisations.
Council of _Polish Organisations_  in the ACT Inc.

Polish Ex-Serviceman

The Polish Ex-Serviceman's Association Branch Australia Inc, goal is to honour and remember those who have sacrificed much in fighting for the independence of Poland during the Second World War.

The _Polish Ex-Serviceman's_ Association.

h leliwa

The site of our member, contains, also a big section on our activities (page in English).

_Coat of arms_ Leliwa.

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Official Mound and Mount Kosciusko Festival Website.
_K'Ozzie Festival_ - archive version

Cracovia Club

Cracovia Club is located at 375 Marshall Road in Bennett Springs, Perth, WA. Its main function is to serve as a Polish Club & Community Centre.
_Cracovia Club_  in Perth.

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Australian International Research Institute Incorporated is a not-for-profit community organisation, registered under the NSW Charitable Fundraising Act 1991.
Its existence since 1992 has been marked by a meaningful contribution to community harmony by facilitating inter-human relations.
Australian International _Research_  Institute Inc.

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Website of the Polish Australian Cultural Society in Western Australia Inc.
Polish _Kurier_  in Perth.

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The „S3 Group” has been established in 1993, each member can use the resources and statue of the others to improve the effectiveness and creativity.


Polonicum Machindex® Institute and its polish
patriotic news organ „Pro Polonicum” in Switzerland, keep track of, photograph, document and publish information about „Polish Heritage Monuments” around the world: monuments, plaques, graves of famous Poles, battle sites and places of suffering of Poles, graves and war cemeteries etc. (Link only to facebook)
_Polonicum Machindex® Institut_  in Fribourg.

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This site contains a continuously growing set of short biographies of prominent Poles.

_Prominent Poles_  by Roman Solecki

Polish experience

Hosts Phil and Annie invite you to experience the spectacular views, arts & crafts of Poland on Tamborine Mountain, in the Gold Coast Hinterland.
_The Polish Place_  Qld.
  On one of the last nights of 2016, a well known and iconic venue of the Gold Coast region, The Polish Place, was destroyed by fire.
Let's _rebuild The Polish_ Place

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Australian Bushwalking.
_PTTK in Australia_

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_Travel and photography_  - by Janusz Rosiek. His photo collection has grown over the years to several thousand pictures.

It contains some photos quite unique due to very special opportunities where they were taken: summer and winter climbs from Tatra to Caucasus and Tien-Shan mountains.