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BydziaIt writes:10:22:34 23-11-2017
control writes
Bzytkowy -bydziaIt writes:10:03:07 23-11-2017
write this message
adminIt writes:09:26:38 23-11-2017
test n.2
zdzIt writes:08:24:27 23-11-2017
A-dminIt writes:10:06:09 11-10-2017
Correct code
AdminIt writes:08:50:54 11-10-2017
About paste text
ZdZiSIt writes:08:03:40 05-10-2017
Test by new file
Adm-inIt writes:09:54:37 23-06-2017
file Tester
AD-minIt writes:11:19:22 22-11-2016
Correct 2
AD-minIt writes:10:51:21 22-11-2016
Zdz-adminIt writes:10:31:48 22-11-2016
adminIt writes:09:42:48 21-11-2016
correct code3
adminIt writes:08:40:23 21-11-2016
correct code2
AdminIt writes:08:01:30 21-11-2016
Correct code
OwnerIt writes:09:54:14 13-11-2016
AdminIt writes:07:47:59 13-11-2016
test shoutbox 12.XI
AdminIt writes:07:46:55 13-11-2016
test shoutbox 12.XI
zDzIt writes:02:14:48 09-08-2016
Test page of comments 8.VIII
zDzIt writes:10:04:50 03-07-2016
Next test in lipiec
ZdZIt writes:09:32:19 03-07-2016
Page test 1 lipiec
ZdZIt writes:08:25:19 05-06-2016
page test in 5.VI
ZdZIt writes:10:02:53 18-03-2016
test page in 18 March
zDzIt writes:10:28:28 04-10-2015
control- writes
zdzIt writes:00:12:23 10-09-2015
taki-yesIt writes:09:04:20 06-09-2015
Taki-seIt writes:03:29:13 06-09-2015
control writing
JAKI-takiIt writes:10:33:45 05-09-2015
Jaki-takiIt writes:10:31:50 05-09-2015
AdmIt writes:08:59:20 16-07-2015
change file name
AdmIt writes:09:58:02 28-05-2015
test english
dddIt writes:09:41:26 05-04-2015
PowtIt writes:11:59:37 29-03-2015
Z bydziIt writes:11:58:28 29-03-2015
Przed zmianą
Zdz-bydgIt writes:04:08:11 28-07-2014
Test english version
mtIt writes:04:31:58 04-06-2014
tested in now
zdzIt writes:04:02:29 04-06-2014
test in june
zdzIt writes:00:46:28 14-03-2014
testing in 2014
ZdzIt writes:03:36:39 01-07-2012
Test po sprawdzeniu
ZdzIt writes:03:34:39 01-07-2012
Admin tester in the side
drugiIt writes:07:05:35 07-06-2012
test eng
testIt writes:07:04:23 07-06-2012
cheyenneIt writes:00:41:27 12-05-2011
Iam studying Australia
cheyenneIt writes:00:35:42 12-05-2011
I am in amierca
CheyenneIt writes:00:28:31 12-05-2011
Hi how are you

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