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List of the people
List of people/companies
which contributed to the project.

List of the people who actively support our efforts to promote knowledge on Paul E. de Strzelecki and other Poles contribution to the World.

The list is open and the names of our sympathisers will be added continuously.
If you feel it's a worthy purpose _write to us_ .

ribbon-black  Lech Paszkowski — Melbourne
Honorary Member of the Association Mt Kosciuszko Inc.
Author of many precious publications about P.E Strzelecki, both in Polish and in English.

 Adam Dzięcioł — Lawyer; The President of Mt Kosciuszko Inc. Perth, WA Australia.
- E-mail: Adam Dzięcioł

 Mrs. Anna Habryn Ph.D. (Hum.) MA — The Secretary of Mt Kosciuszko Inc. - Perth Huntingdale 6110 WA Australia
- E-mail: Anna Habryn.

 Krzysztof Kleiber — First Secretary of the Republic of Poland Embassy in Canberra in years 2000-2005

 Mrs. Wanda Horky, Canberra, ACT, Australia, Settlement history of Poles in Australia.

 Agata Kalinowska-Bouvy — Poet writer and translator, journalist, Assistant General Secretary of French Syndicate of the Periodicals Journalists l'AJPP - France
- E-mail: bouvytrad@gmail.com
- Website: Polonia Beauty Books /Polish version/

 Henryk Szreder Gdansk, Kashubia - Poland — Mountains are my passion // Danuta Wyszadko-Szreder, Gdynia Poland
- e-mail: My e-mail

 Richard Borowiec — Building contractor - Carmel WA Australia
Teresa Borowiec — Teacher - Perth WA Australia
- E-mail: borowiecrt@yahoo.com.au

 Dr Ernestyna Skurjat-Kozek — Deputy Editor of the website Puls Polonii
Sydney, Australia.
- E-mail: redakcja@pulspolonii.com

 Bożena Pawłowska - Kilanowski — poetry writer, John Paul II Foundation member and activist, member of APAJTE (Polish Association of Authors, Journalists and Translators in Europe)
Saskatchewan - Canada

 Joanna Kazmirowicz Hornsby 2077 NSW Australia
- E-mail: jkazmirowicz@optusnet.com.au

 Dr Wojciech Pluta — Amigos Translate, New Town 7008, Tasmania
- E-mail: amigostr@bigpond.net.au
- Website:Amigos translate

 Joanna Sokołowska - Gwizdka — Literary historian and critic, academic teacher, journalist - New Jersey USA
- E-mail: joanna@jsokolowska.com
- Website: Joanna Sokolowska

 Michał Strzelecki - Poland.
- E-mail: strzel@pai.net.pl
- Website: Michał Strzelecki - Album from journey

 Phil i Ania Sowter — The Polish Place, Tamborine Mountain Qld 4272 Australia
- E-mail: info@polishplace.com.au
- Website: The Polish place

 Zdzisław Leliwa Bydgoszcz, Poland
- E-mail: mtkosciuszko@wp.pl
- Website: Leliwa coat of arms

 Stan Guzinski — Managing Director - Adelaide, Australia
- Website:_australink_.pl (page in Polish)

 Artur Anuszewski — Traveller, geographer, photographer, publisher Toruń, Poland
- E-mail: artur.anuszewski@wp.pl

 Roman Solecki — Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering Union CT - USA
University of Connecticut.
- E-mail: rsolecki@uconnvm.uconn.edu
- Website: Roman Solecki - Prominent Poles

Bernard Płończak — artist, sculptor, photographer, landscape architect - Topola Wielka / Przygodzice, Poland
- E-mail: email: b_art@wp.pl

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