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List of people/companies
which contributed to the project 3

 Walentyna Fischer — Bateman WA Australia.

 Elwira Napora — Perth WA Australia.

 Leszek Juszkiewicz — Kielce - Polska.
- E-mail: juszkiewicz@kielce.msk.pl

 Basia Meder — Traveller and a photographer.

 Wieslaw Czajkowski — San Diego California - USA

 Pawel Gospodarczyk — The president of Strzelecki Heritage Inc.
E-mail: kosciuszko_run2010@iprimus.com.au"

 Krzysztof Łańcucki —Scientific worker in CSIRO, now retired, former (18 years) President of the General Council of Polish Organisations in Australia.

We are very sorry to hear about the passing of these people...

  Dr Jan Pyszko — Chairman of the Union of Polish Organisations in Switzerland - Binningen / Basel - Switzerland.

This list is open and will be further updated …

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Update: 02.06.2020