Kosciuszko - The Australia's Crown

Poem by S.D. Tiwari - 2015

Till it's bright, till one’s sight, It’s all white, it’s all white.
Silver flakes have covered,
Or billion tonnes milk poured;

From here, clouds look down,
The Australia's Crown.
Kosciuszko - Australia's Crown poem
Mt Kosciuszko, The Australia's crown

Kosciuszko, The Australia's crown    

Vast snowy sheet is spread and Snowy is the run,
Rocks & plants are to wait,
Months, to see the sun;
Snowy mountain wearing

The large snowy gown,
The Australia's crown.

herbfield below mount kosciuszko

— The horizon turns golden
the morning Sun rays,
The springs fall shouting give us the clear way;

A place, like Angel’s town,
The Australia's crown.

— The God’s unique architect,
beyond any one’s belief;
Creatures step down here and surely get relief;

A wonder place, nature has grown;
Kosciuszko, the Australia's crown.

© S. D. Tiwari - Tuesday, June 9, 2015

S. D. Tiwari is born in India. He is living in Delhi and is Associate Professor, Thapar University, Patiala. He managed HR and Materials Management department of reputed Co.
His first interest is poetry writing. He is also fond of travelling and visiting new places.