Count Paul E. Strzelecki - maps of his excursion
in Australia

maps of his Excursion

Paul E. Strzelecki setting off from Liverpool in 1834 could have guessed that a route of his nine-year research trip would take place on such a large area of our Earth.
He was the first Pole to travel the world for research purposes.

Below you can see maps from the excursion that he made in the years 1839 - 1843 in Australia, and a map of places from his travels around the world.

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Strzelecki's in Australia - general map of his Excursion. 
Strzelecki in Australia

Strzelecki's West Excursion
The Western Excursion 
August - November 1839.
(in the place the discovery of gold).

The Strzelecki Southern Excursion 
December 1839 - May 1840.
Strzelecki - Southern Excursion

Tasmanian Excursion
The Tasmanian Excursion 
July 1840 - February 1842.

The Strzelecki Northern Excursion 
October 1842 - April 1843.
Strzelecki Northern Excursion

Strzelecki World Route
Strzelecki's route around
on the World 

Paul E. Strzelecki world route