Mount Kosciuszko Incorporated - Our Aims

The Mt Kosciuszko Incorporated is a non-for-profit Association of Polish emigrants, which was established in Perth, Western Australia in 2002 to raise public interest in the early history of Mount Kosciuszko and Paul's E. Strzelecki's contribution to the development of this country.

Our missjon…

The lowly objective presentation of the latest history of geographical discoveries in Australian school programs and some mass media is a challenge to patient information dissemination, based on archival sources, and authoritative historical literature, especially in English, as well as in Polish.
The surest way to achieve this goal is seen in the popularization of Paul Edmund Strzelecki's form and merits in the local society as well as through the preservation of the historical truth about the mountain, its conqueror, and the name given by him.

Official Logo of our Association:
Our logo was created on the basis of an illustration that was placed in the book by L. Paszkowski titled: „Sir Paul Edmund de Strzelecki. Reflections on his life” and signed:

„ Second sketch (…one of five which were possesion of James Riley z.l.) inscribed » Mt Kosciuszko the highest summit of Munyang in Australia. March 25th 1840 «. It is obvious that Kosciuszko was the whole massif and not a particular peak”.
The original sketch is in the La Trobe Collection, State Library of Victoria.

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We have an extensive collection of source materials, which we quote on our website, as well as scans of many books on Paul E. Strzelecki, that we make available to all interested parties.

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It's worth knowing that …
… our website and server are financed exclusively with individual donation made for our Association.
Anybody, who thinks that preservation of the name Mount Kosciuszko is necessary and would like to support financially the Mt Kosciuszko Inc., is most welcome to send a cheque / money order (AU$ - US$ or in another currency) written to the Mt Kosciuszko Inc. (please find the full account name in our Member's Declaration - it see on part below)
Every individual donation helps us in our activity.

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Since 15 th December 2007 our official _representative_ in Poland is Mr. Zdzisław Leliwa.

The main goals and tasks of our Association:

to promote community awareness regarding the life of the explorer Paul Edmund Strzelecki, including his role in the development of, and in the early history of Australia, his input in science and explorations, and in the development of modern notions of society and social justice;

to support and encourage publications, screenplays, television series, and a feature film about Paul E. Strzelecki;

gaining the interest of writers, producers, and directors in the production of such a television series and / or film;

assisting in the distribution of any television series and/or film;

engaging in promotional activities in support of these aims, by use of the electronic and printed media, and public lectures and/or exhibitions;

The appointment of an initiative group whose task will be the formation of a permanent panel who could work up to the realization of our next great intention:

— the creation of a Paul E. Strzelecki Museum in Australia.
It would collect all the available archives in the form of a material and multimedia presentation;

raising funds in support of the aims of the group/association, through, amongst others, membership subscriptions, and fundraising activities.


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