Strzelecki Creek - poem

by Alan E.J Andrews
author of a book „Kosciusko - The Mountain in History”.

Strzelecki Creek, Strzelecki Creek,
Down to the Geehi deeps you fly.
May we not join you, to seek what you seek,
My cobber Mac, son Ian and I?
We hear you gurgling, chuckling there
Under our skis too close, I fear
For we've come as far as we may dare.
But we will be back – another year.Strzelecki creek

Strzelecki Creek, Strzelecki Creek,
Only one way may we reach out to you:
Grant us some snow so to find what you seek;
So to swerve and to leap and to plunge as you do.

Strzelecki Creek, Strzelecki Creek, Oh it's grand to be back, to greet you here
In your secret world under Sentinel Peak,
Hurtling beyond us – although we are near.
Be sure that we’ve sought you – and thanks for the snow,
We’ve sped and we’ve turned above where you lie …
Alas never well catch you – that now we know,
Craig, Warwick, Walter-Mac, Ian and I.

October 2006