Who were you Adyna ?

A poem about Sir Paul E. Strzelecki's sweetheart – Adyna
Alexandrine Turno



A raven haired girl born in 1805,
Who fell for her sweetheart, his passion and drive
That same drive and passion would tear them apart
A man on a mission who gave her his heart…

Who were you Adyna?

How long would you wait?
Would love conquer all?
What would be your fate?

Strzelecki travelling the world

Paul Edmund went travelling the world
Discovered „Kosciuszko” – Australia unfurled.
A pressed mountain daisy arrived in her hand,
His letter unveiling a new mountain land.

Who were you Adyna?

More than one hundred letters and so many years.
Would love came to fruition or leave bitter tears?
Will we ever know truly the promises made?
Did distance now strengthen a love they forbade.

memories hearts

Who were you Adyna?

He then went to London – an eventful life…
Did much to help others – no time for a wife
The young sweethearts drifted – time pulled them apart
Until finally she wrote - memories etched in her heart…
Who were you Adyna?

They met one more time – through the years
They had changed.
Their lives now so different - foreign and strange
Sir Paul finally died 1873
She died mine years later - helped keep Poland free.

Who were you Adyna?

A woman of truth
How long would you wait? 40 years and my youth…
Would love conquer all? Love is eternity
What would be your fate? Now our spirits are free.

I guess we never know what goes on behind the scenes with any given person on any given day.

Lee Taylor-Friend — 5. 03. 2008