Gippsland - monuments on the route
South Expedition by P. E. Strzelecki

In the mid-1920s the Victorian Historical Memorials Committee decided to glorify Paul de Strzelecki with a chain of historical cairns for his the South Expedition expedition in 1840 by Gippsland. The Melbourne-based committee directed the design and placement of the cairns and asked local groups for organisational support.
In April 1927, the committee and the Governor of Victoria, Lord Somers, toured Gippsland to unveil the cairns.

In order of occurrence reconstructed route of the expedition, erected seven cairns or tablets memorial are located in towns: Hayfield, Loy Yang (Traralgon), Koornalla, Mariboo North, Leongatha, Korumburra & Corinella.

In the article „Gippsland Explorers. Governor’s Tour”, The Argus, 11 April 1927 p. 8 writes …
…It is not clear when the dedication to Charlie Tarra and the rest of Strzelecki’s party was added to the Corinella cairn. Originally plaque on the monument was reportedly installed only with the names of James Riley and Strzelecki.

One commemorative tablet plaque unveiled in 1988 is also in East Maitland (NSW).
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