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We recently received from Mr. Roman Antoszewski of New Zealand an archival submission concerning the renaming of Mount Kosciuszko.
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Kosciuszko National Park Review - submission

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Subject: Fw: Kosciuszko National Park Review - submission
Date sent: Fri, 3 Sep 2004

Here are a couple of letters protesting against the campaign to change the name of Mount Kosciuszko.
Its not too serious yet, and I'm sure that the Polish community is lobbying hard to ensure that politicians never make that decision. The current policy is to change to aboriginal „politically correct” names.
Cheers George Kruszewski

The Chairperson
Kosciuszko National Park Plan of Management Review.
Department of Environment and Conservation

Dear Ms Spoelder
We wish to register our deep concern that the name Kosciuszko may be erased from our highest mountain and the national park which bears his name.

We wish that all Australians would learn about Kosciuszko, whose life was remarkable, noble, inspiring and eminently worthy of esteem.
We wish Australians would recognise Kosciuszko as a unifying national icon, bonding our highest human values to our highest mountain.

Kosciuszko was a man of outstanding qualities; modest, noble-spirited, a champion of human rights and liberty, a skilled military engineer and a heroic leader.
His life embodied the universal values cherished by all democratic, civilized nations; sacred ideals revered by compassionate moral men and women everywhere.

Descendants of convicts and slaves, refugees, all ethnic and indigenous communities, and all Australians should regard Mount Kosciuszko as a symbol of our national unity; our shared respect for our Constitution, our liberty and justice, our cultural diversity and human rights.

Polish-Australians regard Mount Kosciuszko as our most important cultural heritage icon, our sacred site. We invite all Australians to recognise the noble spirit of Kosciuszko, as guardian of our highest values and mountain.

Polish-Australians include Olympic medalists, Michael Klim and Alicia Molik.
Dr Sev Ozdowski, President of Australia's Human Rights Commission and;
Dr Ziggy Switkowski, Telstra CEO.

Henry Kruszewski - President
George Kruszewski - Vice President
Polish Cultural Society Incorporated.
South Australia

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Submission Michael Hewitt-Gleeson

From:Michael Hewitt-Gleeson
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Subject: Kosciuszko - Name change
Sent: Wednesday, August 18, 2004 4:47 PM

Kosciuszko National Park Plan of Management Review,
Department of Enviroment and Conservation,
PO Box 733 Queanbeyan NSW 2620

Dear Ms Spoelder
As you know, Australia's highest mountain is named after General Kosciuszko, a brilliant artilleryman and engineer, a leader, a patriot and a champion of liberty and human rights.

During the American War of Independence, he built the fortifications at West Point, including a 60-ton chain across the Hudson River which thwarted the British Navy. They didn't even try because the defences were considered impregnable; and so the towns and farmlands upstream remained protected and productive.

Currently, there are those who are seeking to have the name Kosciuszko removed and I feel strongly about this setback to our multicultural heritage and the memory of such an extraordinary human being.

Sir Paul Strzelecki who climbed and named Mount Kosciuszko, was knighted for his geological surveys in New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania.
Later, he organised and supervised humanitarian aid distribution to starving Irish people during the years of the Potato Famine.
I do strongly support the existing name of our great mountain, Kosciuszko.

Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson

Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson
training at https://www.schoolofthinking.org