2016 Artworks
a Social Landscape - Belinda Street

Belinda Street's art

Belinda Street's art explores the relationship between representation and abstraction and her technique is constantly evolving, redefining her place within contemporary art culture.
Belinda Street is an Australian Artist, currently living and working in Newcastle, NSW. Predominantly known for her expressive Australian Landscapes, Belinda Street’s work explores the relationship between representation and abstraction with a sensitive concern for painterly qualities.

Artworks by Belinda Street: Pamela Honeyfield, Leah Thiessen, Debbie Mackinnon, Sally Stokes, Felicity O’Connor and Flynn Doran.
The last images of this interesting gallery has done Richard Martin - 2006 Artworks.

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Belinda Street exhibition Kosciuszko - Spring 2009 kosciuszko-summer kosciuszko-winter


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