Book promotion 'Ballad of an Explorer'
in Perth Australia

Promotion 'Ballad of an ExplorerThe attendance was good as there had been in Perth no event like this for some time.
The launch of the book „Ballad of an Explorer…” on 24 October 2009.
Promoting the English edition of the book on Strzelecki, „The Ballad of an Explorer…”, the whole performance was in English.

The Master of Ceremony, Barbara Gurney introduced the authors of the book. On behalf of a sponsor, the Mt Kosciuszko Inc., Adam Dzięcioł gave a short introduction on the Strzelecki's part in the history of Australia.

Anna Habryn, having thanked to all who helped with organization of this promotion, invited the well-known not only in WA, women's choir „Le Joie delle Donne” which warmed the room with some Italian love songs. Adam Fiala read his own poem „Hey, Charlie Tara” and played a didgeridoo.

The central point of the program however determined the three songs from the „Portrait with Women”, a play on Strzelecki by A.Habryn, being prepared by the theatre Scene 98 to be staged next year. The director Thomas Bujakowski announced producing the performances in both languages: Polish and English.

Melodies to the songs were composed by a teenage actress (of the Adyna's age) Claudia Sosin. She performed them with help of Magda Lisek, while Stanislaw Tomasiak and Maciej Warzycki provided the instrumental accompaniment.

Photo report from the Polish book promotion in Czestochowa you   _find at this_  link, below.

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b gurney 458 dzieciol 457 sponsor 467 a habryn 473
fiala 456 sala 469 chor 475 A Fiala his song 480
Memorial book 474 Singing 483 a Fiala - B. Gurney 455 The book could 482


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The „Ballad of an Explorer… ”
the book by A. Fiala & A. Habryn promotion
in Czestochowa - Poland

Here is a photo gallery from the „Ballad of an Explorer… ” promotion in Czestochowa.
Poland promotion of a book took place earlier than promotion in Australia - in the undergoing was held on 11-12 October 2009 at the Polonia Multimedia Festival „Polish Homelands 2009”.

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Guests 195 The participants 158 The participants time lectures 160 Agata Kalinowska-Bouvy 310
Book presentation 365 Book presentation 366 Presentation of two versions 367 Book presentation 368
Stand promotion 895 Stand promotion 183 Second day exhibition 159 Stand promotion 919
The second day promotion 920 Stand promotion 921 Exchange commemorative 583 Commemorative entry 913 Award-winning presentation 922


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