Flinders Island - the Strzelecki Peaks

The Strzelecki National Park (4216 hectares) has important biogeographical significance as an area where plant and animal species of mainland Australia and Tasmania overlap.
The park protects highly significant and diverse ecosystems as well as spectacular coastal and mountain landscapes.

In the South-Western corner of Flinders Island, is dominated by the large by granite mountains and ridges of the Darling Range with includes the 783 m (above sea level) Strzelecki Peaks, rising abruptly from the sea and providing excellent climbing and amazing views;
named by Admiral John Lort Stokes an officer in the Royal Navy who travelled on HMS Beagle in 1842 after the Polish explorer and scientist, Paul Edmund Strzelecki;
the term „Strzelecki Peaks” refers to two vertices of the same summit, vertex characteristic, because looking like two nearly identical rock heads side by side on the same level;
on a clear day you can see mainland Tasmania.

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Mountain in the sea 1 from Fotheringate Beach 1a View with Barclay 3 Southern Flinders Island 4
Bird's flight 5 Two vertices of the same summit 6 From Lady Barron 7 Last light 8
Mt Strzelecki 9 Next view to Strzelecki 10 From Neds'Point 11 From walkers 12
The imposing figure 13 From Whitemark Beach 14 Trousers Point 15 Mt Strzelecki 16
Next view from distance 17 Sawyers Beach 18 Mt Strzelecki from Memana 22 Strzelecki - Dusk 20
Walking track 21 Start of trek up 32 Mt Strzelecki NP 19 Mt Strzelecki light 24
towards Whitemark 25 Across granite bluffs 26 Mt Strzelecki 27 Mt Strzelecki 28
With fog 29 Mt Strzelecki 30 Amazing views 23 The iconic Strzelecki in the distance 31


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