Flinders Island - a walk up the Strzelecki Peaks

Flinders Island

Dominating the southern part of Flinders Island, the Strzelecki Peaks — the highest part of the Strzelecki National Park — offer walkers amazing views over Bass Strait and as far as mainland Tasmania.
The Strzelecki Peaks walking track enables visitors to experience a diverse range of vegetation communities and provides spectacular views of the cliffs and crags of the granite range as well as the surrounding countryside.
The steep uphill walk starts at an elevation of 20m, and climbs through ferns, she-oak stands and wildflower heath before eventually topping out on 756m Mount Strzelecki.
While 5,6 km the walk involves plenty of physical exertion, there is nothing technically difficult about it​. And the stunning views from this granite massif over the bays, beaches and islands are due reward for your 4-5 hours of walking.​

For bush walkers who visit Flinders Island, to enter the Strzelecki Peak to favor mandatory. As the Strzelecki walking track is a high-profile walk. The track is presently well-marked.
When starting the 5 hour walk to the summit it is advisable to enter your name at the registration booth at the start of the track.
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Trousers Point Walk
Mt Strzelecki 1
Mt Strzelecki - info
Mt Strzelecki - registration booth
Mt Strzelecki 4
Mt Strzelecki 1

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If you do not feel like walking all the way to the summit there is some beautiful scenery from some of the lower lookout. These make an ideal spot for a picnic while you enjoy the view.
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After about a kilometre of the walk (and 180m of altitude gain), there’s a glimpse of our destination in the distance, and the first views from the track of Whitemark Beach to the north.

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The well marked track to the summit offers the walker magnificent scenery with main ferns and wildflowers lining the track.
As you walk you pass through varying types of flora from sheoak tree* to tea-tree **, main ferns to eucalyptus.
Mt Strzelecki shea-oak 3-1
Mt Strzelecki tea-tree 3-2
Tree ferns 3-3
Eucalyptus nitida 3-4

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strzelecki peaks 4-1
strzelecki peaks 4-2
strzelecki peaks 4-4
strzelecki peaks 4-3

Along the way you will have glimpses of the other mountains of Strzelecki National Park. Only a visit here can show you the wonderful colours of the granite outcrops and the different flora.

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Long walk to great views from the top. The peak can often be covered in cloud but we got great views between the clouds. You'll find amazing vistas to the horizon.
Views from the summit cannot be adequately described in a few words one must go there to experience the wonders this place has to offer.
Mt Strzelecki 5-1
Mt Strzelecki 5-2
Mt Strzelecki 5-3
Mt Strzelecki-wspaniałe miejsce 5-4
Cliffs and ocean
over Trousers Point
Mt Strzelecki 5-7
stunning views await you

* sheoak tree (a Casuarina tree) - Allocasuarina fraseriana (L.) unique endemic species of hardwood occurring primarily in southern Australia.
** tea-tree - Melaleuca alternifolia (L.) - species occurring in Australia used for medicinal purposes by the original inhabitants of this continent.

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